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Life Insurance in Queen Creek

If you need to talk to someone about life insurance in Queen Creek, AZ, come straight to the experts at Life Matters. Our personalized approach has provided hundreds of Arizonans and their families with the best life insurance plans on the market.

You could spend hours searching for a great life insurance company for your family on the Internet, which can be overwhelming. Or, you can turn to Life Matters and we’ll walk you through everything, step by step. 

For life insurance quotes in Queen Creek, AZ, reach out today and we will work together to find the coverage you need at a price that fits your budget.

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Common questions our clients ask us:

What are living benefits?

Does your policy payout if you don’t die? Living benefits refers to what will happen if the person who purchased coverage dies and leaves dependents behind. A policy with a living benefits rider could provide money for the policy owner themselves, not just the beneficiaries.

In comparison, a standard term policy does not have this feature. Yet, the number one reason why people file for bankruptcy is because of high medical bills from a major illness, such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, organ failure, and more. Income drops and medical costs skyrocket. Since a regular life insurance plan doesn’t pay out unless there’s a death certificate, you’re stuck in the middle, where people often lose their homes and encounter other financial disasters.

Having the flexibility to access a portion of your death benefit while you’re still alive can be a game-changer for most people. Old life insurance plans have a death benefit only, but some of today’s carriers offer full living benefits if you qualify. It’s the difference between a flip phone and a smartphone. 

Should I Get Term, Whole, Cash Back, or Universal Life Insurance?

A term life insurance policy will last a specific amount of time, while whole life (which also builds a cash value) will remain in effect until you reach an advanced age or die.

Whole life insurance policies are usually more costly initially but may be cheaper over time due to their longer duration. However, if someone is relatively young, they might consider purchasing a term policy and converting it later to a whole life policy to lock down some savings with lower premium payments.

A comprehensive intake session can help your agent make the best recommendation for your needs. Schedule one here.

How much life insurance coverage do I need?

The answer largely depends on your financial obligations and goals and any dependents you have living under your roof. If you’re looking for more protection for your family, you can purchase a policy with multiple beneficiaries to be covered. Life insurance is not one-size-fits-all. You have assets, resources, other coverage, income, and a host of other factors that can help determine the right amount of coverage for your needs.

A solid agent will help you by asking all the right questions and then making recommendations that make sense based on your answers. Make sure you choose your coverage amount, not your agent, who may be primarily interested in a high commission payout.

During an intake meeting, here at Life Matters, we explore all coverage options.

Are my life insurance rates level and locked?

Far too many people get into a policy, and 10, 20, or 30 years down the road are hit with price increases to which they are contractually bound. Their only recourse is to cancel the policy and apply for a new one. Sadly, it comes at a time when life insurance is much more expensive because of age and health conditions. With some policies, the rates go up the older you get. 

The tragedy to this is, insurance companies time it this way because as you get closer to the end of your life, the policy becomes too expensive to keep, and you often end up having to drop the policy just before you would use it.

Shoutouts from our clients

Bill Kennard
Bill Kennard
Sales Personal, I want to commend Mathew and Lindy Wilson during the sale of a life insurance policy. They were very friendly and professional. They directed me to the insurance policy I needed, also one that fit my budget. I would recommend either or both. Tell them your needs, they will point you in the direction to fulfill those needs.
Justin Vega
Justin Vega
Analisa Sanchez
Analisa Sanchez
Mathew Wilson was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable.
Janice Noble
Janice Noble
Cory Falter
Cory Falter
My wife and I had a fantastic experience with Matthew in helping us navigate the very difficult challenge of life insurance coverage. I couldn't recommend him and the Life Matters team more highly!
Laurie Hamel
Laurie Hamel
Matt is a great insurance professional. Call him for all your life insurance needs and questions! Don't wait till it's too late, Matt has policies that can help keep your family afloat and your business running in that case of a chronic or critical illness. Matt's customer service is exceptional! I highly recommend him!
Robert Allen
Robert Allen
Great service-minded organization. Always prompt with helpful responses to insurance questions.
Brian Yampolsky
Brian Yampolsky
Matt knows the insurance business and takes great care of his clients. I am glad to know him and recommend you reach out because insurance is one of those things that you need to take care of when you don't need it...don't put it off.
Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson
Professional and innovative, Life Matters Insurance is great!
Albert Martinez
Albert Martinez
Matthew was very professional, informative, and we feel this policy fits our needs.

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