90-Minute “Mind Matters” Training

You have goals. But is your entire team on board with accomplishing them? Do they even understand what the goals are? Sadly, most people are unengaged at work and get caught up with distractions. They lose track of the things that matter most toward the accomplishment of your goals.

Mattercards change all that. The Mattercard system engages everyone around one main goal. Whether used individually or as a team, the system works because it develops you from the inside out, staring with your mind.

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Companies and managers who have been through my training report the following benefits:

  • Strengthened mindset and self worth
  • Awareness of the power of the mind as it relates to success
  • Higher level of engagement
  • Greater clarity of purpose
  • Increased focus
  • Heightened ability to cut out what doesn’t matter

Here’s how it works:

  1. We schedule an introductory chat about one 30-, 60- or 90-day goal your company wants to achieve, along with a possible reward you are comfortable giving out when it’s achieved.
  2. We customize the presentation based on input from our chat and we book the date. The training lasts about 90 minutes. The training can be exclusively for upper management or company wide.
  3. The purpose of the training is to unify everyone around the achievement of that goal and implement the use of the Mattercards to keep that alignment and pull everything together.

The training includes such topics as:

  • Mindset (power of thought)
  • Focusing on what matters most to your one main goal
  • Belief & overcoming self-doubt
  • Habits (mental, emotional, physical)
  • Productivity
  • Showing up engaged each day
  • Power of working as a team
  • Training on the Mattercards and how to use them (every person gets 30, 60 or 90 cards, depending on the goal you choose)

Working with Matthew, you can expect:

  • Professional, courteous & responsive interactions throughout
  • A pre-event phone call to discuss your needs and expectations
  • A speaker who genuinely cares about his audience
  • A 60- to 90-minute professional presentation with heart and passion
  • 30, 60 or 90 days of Mattercards for each person in attendance
  • A follow up conversation to discuss outcome and results
  • The opportunity to take advantage of “Achieving with H.E.A.R.T.” program (8 additional weekly sessions that teach Habits, Environment, Accountability, Routines, Time management & more)

Who Would Benefit Most From a Mattercard Training?

Nobody is exempt from challenges. Behavioral health services organizations are fighting every day to help those with an extra set of challenges, often for not fault of their own. We work collaboratively with organizations to help empower their clients to break their history of addictions, abuse and other challenges, to start seeing life in a new way and to value themselves. We help them:

  • Understand and harness the incredible power of their own mind
  • Build belief that they can leverage the power of their mind to break habits and create success
  • Set a goal and align their life around it
  • Tap into greater inner strength they may not realize they had
  • Strengthen their mindset and build self worth
  • Generate greater clarity and purpose in their lives
  • Discover how to cut out what doesn’t absolutely matter
  • Increase their ability to focus entirely on what does matter
  • Empower case managers and support specialists with knowledge, insights and feedback so they can better serve their clients

Companies today have become mindless factories for many employees. And there are only so many carrots you can dangle to “create” engagement. Truth is, engagement is a decision made by each team member every day- it comes from within. When an entire team becomes reignited and unites around a single goal, miracles happen. Our Mattercard training sessions empower your sales and executive teams to:

  • Align your full team around your most critical goal
  • Empower your team to tap into greater inner strength
  • Strengthen mindset and self worth
  • Create awareness of the power of the mind as it relates to success
  • Develop a higher level of engagement among your staff
  • Generate greater team clarity of purpose
  • Increase your team’s ability to focus
  • Cut out what doesn’t absolutely matter

Youth today are in desperate need of guidance. Most schools don’t teach some of life’s most important principles, such as: setting goals, managing your mind, developing a rock-solid self worth or where your happiness comes from. We have a deep passion for empowering youth to get a jump start in life by learning to implement success habits early on in life. A training session will help them:

  • Create clarity of their life’s purpose and mission
  • Learn how to effectively develop, set and achieve goals
  • Align themselves around your most critical goal
  • Tap into a greater source of  inner strength
  • Develop and strengthen their mindset and self worth
  • Create awareness of the power of their mind as it relates to success
  • Generate greater clarity of purpose
  • Increase their ability to focus
  • Learn how to cut out what doesn’t matter
  • Understand and harness the awesome power of the human mind

Matthew Wilson

Entrepreneur   |   Consultant   |   Agent for life

Matthew spent over 15​ ​years as an award-winning creative marketing director. Throughout that time, he met and worked with dozens of corporate teams. He couldn’t help notice the untapped potential of a disengaged team and how much it affected the bottom line—often without upper management even being aware.

His mission is to help individuals, teams harness the power of their mind and ultimately rewrite what is possible.

Matthew has been featured on Apple’s Planet of the Apps, Entrepreneur.com, Addicted2Success, Fox 10, Thrive Global, Good Men Project, ChiefExecutive.net and more.

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What people are saying

Prior to using this system I really thought I knew what my goals were. I believed I was on top of daily activities to help me grow my health coaching business. What I discovered in using the system was that my daily actions weren’t always in alignment with my goals.

— Cherilyn T.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
I’m an Addictions Counselor, working with people to make change. Change, goals and daily tasks are all I teach and I have specialized training in this. These cards are fantastic. They actually look similar to a few goal models I was taught about in my clinical work. I have enjoyed using the cards and they helped me feel focused with my business.

— Heidi E.

Addictions Counselor
I really like how easy they are to use. I was always writing goals on scraps of paper and that’s what’s nice about the cards is that they’re small and easy to take with you.
Pop it into a planner (if you still use one lol!) or a purse.

— Stephanie M.


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