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Marketing entrepreneurs…here’s the retirement they aren’t telling you about:

Owning a marketing business can be tough.

But your retirement plan doesn’t have to be. Maybe you’ve thought about starting a 401K or maybe you’re actively contributing. But there are a few things you should know.

If you do enough research, you’ll find that 401K plans aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Oh, they can be great for employees getting 100% match. But what about business owners? And why do you think the Government endorses them like they do? In fact “401K” is the name of the IRS tax code itself. Just follow the money: they stand to gain nearly as much as you do. But there’s more to it than just taxes…

What if you want your money early? Don’t you just love early withdrawal penalties? What if you’d like to contribute more along the way when you have a good year? Or less when you have a bad year? How does your IRA pay out if you get sick or even pass away? Wouldn’t it be nice to pull money out if you need, without penalty?

>>>   How much do you want to be in business with Uncle Sam?   <<<

Mainstream retirement plans are certainly not ideal for an entrepreneur like yourself. So, if you could design the perfect plan, how would it look? Maybe you’d put some of these on your wishlist…

    • Tax-free income for the rest of your life
    • Liquidity along the way
    • Solid, safe, secure growth
    • Guaranteed agains loss when the market crashes
    • Flexibility in contributions 
    • Protection against illness and disability
    • Huge tax-free payout to family and heirs if you die

As a marketing business owner, you’re cut from a different cloth. That’s why you ventured away from the crowd. So why follow the crowd when it comes to your retirement plan? You could have your own plan set up that has all these benefits, and more.

Fill out the form below to start the conversation and find out if you qualify. With a quick phone, I can gather some information that will enable me to design a specific plan for you that might just blow your mind. The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago. The second best time is today.

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