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Answers to many of your life insurance questions.

Life insurance can be confusing. There are so many different options. How do you know what is right for you?

The best option is to talk to an independent agent who can explain your life insurance options. A great agent can personalize the options to meet your individual needs. We can often find you options that you did not even know were available.

However, in these blogs you will find some answers to many of your questions. Look through these, then let’s chat.

Life insurance can be confusing. There are so many different options. How do you know what is right for you?

The best option is to talk to an independent agent who can explain your life insurance options. A great agent can personalize the options to meet your individual needs. We can often find you options that you did not even know were available.

However, in these blogs you will find some answers to many of your questions. Look through these, then let’s chat.

Linda Barksdale
Linda Barksdale
Matthew was very professional, also knowledgeable. He had a lot of patience guided me through the paperwork and helped me pick the best product for my budget. I highly recommend his services.
sam Bair
sam Bair
Life Matters really knows life insurance. Matt explained all the different options in a way that was easy to understand. He also has access to multiple insurance carriers to help me find the best value. He does more than just sell a life insurance policy. He has put a lot of work into many other resources to help make sure my family is taken care of.
I never expected a personal touch with life insurance and that’s exactly what Matt gave me. He explained everything that seemed complicated. So glad I have Life Matters!
Ira Casey
Ira Casey
Mathew was so great!
Lonnie Bates
Lonnie Bates
Matthew was very professional and was very helpful when it came to what policy was best policy for what I needed and worked best for my situation. He was not pushy which made me feel comfortable that I was not pressured at all. He is a very personable.
Kevin Duane
Kevin Duane
Matthew Wilson was outstanding! Super helpful and full of information. Set me up with a great program that was in my budget.
Myra Shepeard
Myra Shepeard
It is always a pleasure working with Matt. I appreciate his professionalism and guidance in choosing what is best for my family.
Dollars Sense
Dollars Sense
Matthew Wilson, is the "Teachers, Teacher and the Trainers Trainer," when it comes to Life, insurance. He is knowledgeable, patient, kind and understanding, you are in good hands, with Matthew, who always has your best interest at heart.
Jenny Ogston
Jenny Ogston
Matthew was fantastic. Very knowledgeable and kind. He helped me find the right product for my budget and concerns and I truly appreciate the excellent service he provided.
independent agent

219 – Can I Get Life Insurance Without Talking to an Agent?

Can you get life insurance without an agent? Absolutely. However, before you make that decision, I would advise you to at least consider the benefit of talking to someone that can help you with your decisions. How long should you get it for? How much should you get? How much coverage do you need? Do you need living benefits? The automated system will not explain these things to you and personalize the answers to your situation like a life insurance advisor would. So do I recommend it? Not usually, but the short answer is yes. Visit blog…

Mortgage protection insurance and mortgage protection letters.

506 – Why Do I Keep Getting Mortgage Protection Letters?

A mortgage protection plan is basically life insurance designed for the mortgage. Mortgage companies do private mortgage insurance because they’re a lender and they like to protect themselves, but they don’t do mortgage protection insurance in case you die. A mortage protection plan is a death benefit issued through a life insurance company. Visit blog…

Many reasons you can be turned down for life insurance.

013 – What if I’ve been declined for Life Insurance?

Don’t lose hope if you don’t get approved right away. That just means we got to roll up our sleeves and work a little harder. First, we need to specifically find out why you were declined. Different carriers have slightly different underwriting requirements for various health conditions. With the right agent, you can go to other carriers potentially and find coverage. Sometimes there are some adjustments that can be made or different options to explore.  Visit blog…

Life insurance protects your family.

212 – What’s Better: Whole or Term Life Insurance?

If you’re looking for life insurance, asking if term or whole life is better might be the wrong question. Both are good and both apply in different ways to different people. Which one is right for you depends on your individual needs and your circumstances. Generally speaking, term life insurance is for if you need some coverage for a period of time just in case something were to happen to you. Whole life on the other hand is more permanent and also builds cash value. To really understand which tool is best for you, you need to talk to an advisor.  Visit blog…

Where did Mortgage Protection Insurance Come From?

502 – Where Did Mortgage Protection Insurance Come From?

Today’s mortgage protection policies are independent policies. They act a lot more like straight, full-coverage life insurance. Their goal is to get some coverage in place to protect your mortgage in the event of a death or an illness.  Visit blog…

Thinking about the best life insurance rates.

108 – How Can I Get the Best Life Insurance Rates?

There are many factors that are taken into consideration, but in this blog we cover four of the main ones. However, if you’re looking for the best life insurance rates, apply when you’re the healthiest and the youngest you’ll ever be. That’s probably today. And that’s why there’s an urgency. Because if something happens to your health or if you become a little bit older, those are all factors that can change your options overnight. Visit blog…

Guy getting blood work done for a medical life insurance application

009 – Can I Get Life Insurance If I’ve Had Cancer?

So you want to see if you can get life insurance if you’ve had cancer. There are many factors that are considered in this situation. What we would need to do is review your specific situation: how severe the cancer was, how long ago it was, number of recurrences, if it metastasized, and the follow-up treatment. Visit blog…

Man visiting with his doctor about life insurance.

218 – What Is the Difference Between Medical vs Non-Medical Life Insurance?

The life insurance companies are investing in you. The healthier you are, the less risk you pose. This usually means better policies and lower premiums. However, there are also life insurance options that do not require a medical exam. Visit blog…

Image of a beautiful home worth protecting with mortgage protection insurance

515 – Is Mortgage Protection Insurance the Same As Life Insurance?

Mortgage protection insurance is basically life insurance designed to protect the mortgage and keep the family in the home no matter what life throws at you. Whether it’s death, disability, or an illness of some kind. There are many different options depending on your individual needs. Visit blog…

Is term life insurance worth it?

202 – Is Term Life Insurance Worth It?

Term life insurance is not the best option for everyone, but for many people it is a good way to get life insurance coverage. It is important to remember this is more of a temporary insurance for 10, 20, 30 years. There are optional riders that may make this a more beneficial option as well. Visit blog…

Calculating the cost of life insurance premiums.

100 – How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?

Your monthly premium depends on many factors: whether you are getting term or whole life insurance, the length of coverage you’re getting, the amount of coverage you’re getting. After that, there are a host of riders (or enhancements) that can affect the premium. Your age affects the pricing on insurance policies more than anything. So, the best time to get life insurance is today because today is the youngest you’ll ever be. This is one product that’s always going to go up in price, always.  Visit blog…

Term vs whole life insurance.

001 – What Are the Two Main Types of Life Insurance?

Basically the two types of life insurance are term life and whole life. Everything else is a variation or modification of these. There are benefits to both types of life insurance depending on what you need. Visit blog…

Retirement options include life insurance.

7 Reasons Small Business Owners Should Consider Life Insurance vs Traditional Retirement Plans

Did you know 34% of small business owners do not have a retirement plan? And, those that do are relying solely on a 401(k) or IRA, which are heavily taxed and laden with restrictions. Whether you’re self-employed or a small-business owner, there is a better way to plan for your future, and it may not be what you think.   Visit blog…

Cheap life insurance may not provide the best value.

Cheap Life Insurance Can Cost You More In The Long Run

One of the main things people look at when buying life insurance is the cost. Price is an important thing to consider but there are many other factors to keep in mind. The cheapest solution may not be providing you the coverage that you think you are getting. You also do not need to buy the most expensive policy to get great coverage. Visit blog…

Term and Whole Life insurance both have benefits to them.

Term vs Whole Life Insurance: Let’s Break It Down

There are two primary forms of life insurance: term and whole. Both have a death benefit but there are some key differences. Click to learn which life insurance option would better fit your needs and budget.  Visit blog…

A real live life insurance agent is a much better choice.

Online vs Using An Agent – What Is The Best Way To Get A Life Insurance Quote?

A disadvantage to getting online life insurance quotes is that you don’t have as many options for policies, and you’re relying on an automated system that does not know your specific needs or what type of policy would be best suited for your needs and budget. It’s nothing more than an estimated number on a screen that may or (more likely) may not be accurate in the end.  Visit blog…

Independent vs captive life insurance agents.

Independent vs Captive Life Insurance Agents – What It Means When You Are Looking For Life Insurance

A captive agent is an employee of one carrier. An independent agent represents you and works with many carriers. This gives them the freedom to shop around for better rates and options. An independent agent also serves as your advocate and liaison to the carrier in case you have any needs or questions.  Visit blog…

Ask yourself questions

10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Life Insurance Agent

Your life insurance policy is one of the most important documents you own. Yet it’s also the most overlooked, until the day you need it. Anyone considering life insurance should read this. It covers 10 important questions to consider when deciding if you should buy life insurance, how much you should get, and where to get it from. Want to know what the questions are? I guess you are just going to have to click on the link to see.  Visit blog…

Newly married or remarried may require a change in your policy.

Top 7 Life Events That May Warrant An Updated Policy

A list of the top 7 life changes that would benefit from talking with a life insurance agent. Wanna see if you have had any of these recently. Click the link to see what they are. Then schedule a consultation with one of our independent agents. Visit blog…