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219- Can I get Life Insurance Without Talking to an Agent?

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Can I get Life Insurance Without an Agent?

Hey, what’s up everyone? Matthew Wilson from Life Matters here talking about life insurance agents. Now, question on the table. Do I have to have a life insurance agent in order to get life insurance? Sounds pretty logical, and the answer typically is yes, but it’s not a hundred percent yes, because there are new services out now where you can actually self-enroll. You’re going to have to go through underwriting and answer a series of questions, but automation has been developed to the point at which you can self-enroll.

You don’t need an agent. You’re thinking to yourself, “Awesome, hallelujah. I don’t want to talk to some pushy sales agent that’s going to try and cram extra life insurance down my throat, just align his pockets and get some extra commission.” Well, you would be justified in saying that, and I would certainly sympathize with you if you have the wrong agent that’s actually doing that.

Now, unfortunately, are there agents out there that don’t have your best interest at heart that are in it for commissions and making extra money? Yes, those exist and they do give a bad rap on the industry. Let’s all be honest, but is it in your best interest if you could find the right agent, would it be in your best interest to apply for life insurance without an agent?

Now, that’s a question only you can answer, and here’s why I’m posing the question. There’s a lot of nuances to life insurance. Do you really want to put one of the most important documents that you will ever own on paper to protect your family, your children, maybe even your grandchildren? This is a big decision. We’re talking about sometimes hundreds of thousands or even million dollars of death benefit. Are you willing to put that all up without talking to a professional that can advise you on some good counsel and some advice?

Can I get Life Insurance Without an Agent?

Do I Really Need an Agent?

Can you get life insurance without an agent? Absolutely. If you want to do that and you already know what you want, I have a link that you can self-enroll. You don’t even have to talk to me or anybody else that has a license for that matter. However, before you make that decision, I would advise you to at least consider the benefit of talking to someone that can help you with your decisions, whole life, term, cash value, universal, index universal life. How long should I get it for? How much should I get? How much coverage do I need? Do I need living benefits? If you don’t know what living benefits are, you might want to check that out. What other writers can I get?

The automated system will not explain things to you and personalize your answers to your situation like a life insurance advisor would. So do I recommend it? Not usually, but the short answer is yes. Nowadays, you can actually self-enroll without talking to an agent, and if that suits your fancy, feel free to click the link. Otherwise, if you’d like to sit down and just chat about your options, I’d like to help you out with that too. Hopefully this has been helpful to you and I look forward to potentially helping you more in the future. Have an awesome day.